Mountain leftovers

We just arrived in Nazca after a torturous overnight bus ride from the second largest city in Peru, Arequipa. The bus was at capacity, the air-conditioning was non-existent and the driver kept himself awake by either playing chicken with oncoming traffic or simply running them off the road. Entertaining night all round!

My few weeks in the Bolivian and Peruvian highlands has been enjoyable but I am now convinced that I was made to live at sea level, with easy access to fresh fruit, oxygen, the ocean and most importantly, Asian food! You may think this is an odd mix but these are the things I have missed most over the last month or so.

Talk of good food has me thinking of the coming months and the destinations we still have left to explore on this adventure. This is the point where my mind turns from ancient ruins and mountains to the ocean, abundant food, rum and the sweet smell of cigars. It is time to pack away the cold weather clothing and it’s northward we head into the tropics, to the Galapagos, Colombia, Cuba and Mexico!

After a near sleepless night, I found myself sorting through photos of the last three months. Before we move onto warmer weather, I thought I’d post a few of the leftovers from my time in the mountains. Enjoy and safe travels!

Torres del Paine National Park was on elf the main reasons I wanted to travel to this part of the world. It didn’t disappoint!
One of Patagonia’s many bridges.
Los Glacieres National Park.
Viedmar Glacier.
A huge chunk had just fallen off the Viedmar Glacier…I was a little overexcited.


Patagonia slowed down.
Flamingos in Bolivia going about their business.

9 thoughts on “Mountain leftovers

    1. Patagonia is one place I plan in coming back to! I’d like to spend a couple months riding through on motorbike…it will take a lot of planning but will be well worth it. It is a lovely part of the world.


  1. Beautiful photos! I love the mountains but the next part of your trip sounds wonderful too. I find that I love the ocean and mountains equally, they both fill me with a sense of peace. Enjoy the next part of your trip & I look forward to more photos!

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