Since leaving the Galapagos Islands a couple of weeks ago we’ve criss-crossed our way north into Colombia. As I write this, I am sitting in my hotel room, sifting through mountains of photos and reflecting on what has been a fast-paced and incredible two weeks.

Before arriving, like so many other people, I had some solid preconceptions about Colombia. I was acutely aware of the country’s very recent narco related history and the violence that came with the ‘Escobar years’. However, what surprised me after I arrived was that while the effects of this history are evident for all to see, this country has another side that not many people in the world get to see. Colombia has an emerging food culture, some of the most picturesque beaches this side of the Caribbean and some people who are trying desperately to spread the good word on a country of which they are immensely proud.

It is these few people who I met during my time here in Colombia who I think of as I write these words. I take heart in knowing that, despite the odds being heavily stacked against them for years, they persevered in the hope that they could one day be a part of the rebuilding of their country. My hat goes off to people like them. The world would be a better place if we all took a leaf out of their book.

I fly to Cuba early tomorrow morning at a time where history is in the making with Obama’s visit and The Rolling Stones performing live! So stay tuned for my next post on Havana. Until then, safe travels!

Early morning secret men’s business in Cartagena.
With its ever changing political climate, street art has its place in Colombia.
The plantain man in Cartagena.
Colombia. Hands down the best coffee in South America!!
I spent days wandering the streets of Cartagena and didn’t get bored checking out the buildings.
Hiking in Tayrona National Park was hot but reaching Cabo San Juan was worth it!
Chowing down on a Tamale at La Puerta Falsa in Bogota

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    1. Thanks for stopping by for a read Amy. I think it is important to spread the word on the plight that others find themselves in. It makes those who are more fortunate remember how lucky they (we) are 🙂

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