NZ Diaries: Christchurch to Kaikoura

Within what seems like a few kilometres, the warm blues of the ocean give way to alpine greens and clouds that unpredictably swirl around the peaks of the steep mountain range that runs parallel to the coastline. … More NZ Diaries: Christchurch to Kaikoura


Since leaving the Galapagos Islands a couple of weeks ago we’ve criss-crossed our way north into Colombia. As I write this, I am sitting in my hotel room, sifting through mountains of photos and reflecting on what has been a fast-paced and incredible two weeks. Before arriving, like so many other people, I had some solid … More Colombia

Eveleigh Markets: An Organic Produce Mecca

For the last two Saturdays running (and many previous), I have woken with anticipation, quickly brushed my teeth and hopped into the car to drive to Eveleigh Markets in the inner-city suburb of Redfern in Sydney. While the thought of organic produce, fresh bread and hot coffee is my main reason for the early start, a close second is the … More Eveleigh Markets: An Organic Produce Mecca


One of my greatest and brightest burning passions in life is coffee. To me, the ultimate day begins with an early surf followed by a good hour or so sitting at a cafe, reading the newspaper (the actual newspaper, not my ipad) and enjoying a coffee or two. For a while now my cafe of … More Gusto