Ringing in the New Year with travel on the mind

Welcome to 2017! I hope the festive season was kind to everyone. This is the time of year when many of us make resolutions to improve our lives, make us better people or in an attempt to make us happier than we were in the year past. Many resolve to exercise more, eat healthier food … More Ringing in the New Year with travel on the mind


Lost with Louie: Rome

For a history nerd it’s difficult to beat a visit to the ‘eternal city’ of Rome. After spending my university years studying ancient history for no other reason than I just damn well-loved it, I finally achieved a life-long dream when I jetted half way across the globe to Rome. For my first few days in … More Lost with Louie: Rome

Daring to Dream

Over the years, my bucket list has taken on different forms with the order changing and certain items dropping off, only to be replaced by something new to reflect my changing priorities and needs in life. While my bucket list has been somewhat fluid over the years, there are those certain ticket items that have not changed. For me, … More Daring to Dream