My Friend Rasheed

I once had a friend. We were close without knowing anything about each other except for the other’s name and from where we had both come. Our bond, one that was strong and built on mutual respect, was all that we had. Our ability to communicate was minimal if it existed at all. My friend’s … More My Friend Rasheed

Daring to Dream

Over the years, my bucket list has taken on different forms with the order changing and certain items dropping off, only to be replaced by something new to reflect my changing priorities and needs in life. While my bucket list has been somewhat fluid over the years, there are those certain ticket items that have not changed. For me, … More Daring to Dream

Feed Your Soul

I just read a life changing article. The author spoke passionately of her deepest desire to live a life that above all her made her happy. A life that not only provided for her financially but gave her the greatest reward of all, a happy and content soul. As my eyes made their way down the page, the words … More Feed Your Soul

Life is what’s happening to you while you’re busy making other plans

John Lennon’s legendary lyrics still resonate in a world that has change a lot since his passing more than 30 years ago. I remember hearing this song for the first time when I was young as my Dad played Lennon’s album on our new CD player. The fact that I could skip to a particular … More Life is what’s happening to you while you’re busy making other plans