Tempelhof: Berlin’s forgotten airport

I find myself standing on a dark street corner in Central Berlin. Despite my heavy jacket, gloves and beanie, I shiver as the cold makes its way through my layers and into my bones. There’s no doubting that winter is on its way. The dark streets are close to deserted even though my watch just … More Tempelhof: Berlin’s forgotten airport


Cuba Libre

The PA system crackles into life as the pilot nervously stutters his way through his English translation. After a moment of confusion, I manage to gain an understanding that we are to keep our seatbelts on, as it is bumpy, and we are about to begin our descent into Havana, Cuba. As I strain to … More Cuba Libre


Since leaving the Galapagos Islands a couple of weeks ago we’ve criss-crossed our way north into Colombia. As I write this, I am sitting in my hotel room, sifting through mountains of photos and reflecting on what has been a fast-paced and incredible two weeks. Before arriving, like so many other people, I had some solid … More Colombia