El Mar, Mi Alma (The Ocean, My Soul)

Over the years I have come to realise that life is forever changing. I remember being told when I was young that I should not take anything for granted and that life will pass you by in an instant. Back then, I laughed this notion off and thought that I would spend the rest of my days surfing down the beach with my mates and coming home to dinner on the table, all free of charge.

Twenty years on and I not only agree with these people but have come to realise that tomorrow morning may be the last time you see the sun rise, the last time you speak to your parents or the last time that you kiss your loved one goodbye (while the chances of this are slim, it is possible).

There are not many elements of your life that remain constant. For me there has always been two things: my family and the ocean.

The ocean (el mar) has been the back drop of my fondest memories, the place I spent my youth and the place I hope to raise my children. Its sound sends me to sleep of a night and it washes away any stress or worries that the outside world brings me.

The ocean has become a part of who I am. My past, my present and my future.

Bondi: crowded ocean


Bingin: paradise

Bells: old school


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