Our Responsibility as Human Beings


This is somewhat an interim post. A bit of a spur of the moment outburst about an issue that is close to my heart. As a person who spends a large portion of my time in the ocean I feel it is only right that I give back to and defend something that has given me so much happiness.

The ocean dictates where I choose to live, my mood and has been one of the greatest influences on my life. For as long as I can remember, nothing has clamed me like the quiet that only comes by submerging yourself underwater, out of sight of the rest of the world. Mother Nature has blessed us with the ocean and the beaches that surround it for us all to enjoy. It is one of the only free things left in this world and if you decide to walk, a day at the beach will cost you a grand total of absolutely nothing.

My issue is not the overcrowding on a hot day. It isn’t even people who ride boogyboards or paddle around in the surf like they own the beach. My issue is the state that people leave the ocean in once their fun is over for the day. The influx of summer visitors to our beaches has magnified this problem to a point that makes me ashamed and angry. Every single human being who steps foot into the ocean or lives around it has the responsibility to take care of it. The equation is simple. When it comes time to leave the beach, take everything you brought with you. The plastic bottle you drank out of or the plastic bag you used to carry your towel and book do not belong in the ocean.

We are failing to uphold the moral responsibilty that is on all humans to limit our impact on the natural world. There will always be those who do not care. These people will say that one plastic bag has little or no impact, especially if they bury it in the sand. For many of us we do not see the impact our actions have on the ocean and the animals within it, but I can assure you the impacts are enormous and permanent.

If this little blurb only achieves one thing, I hope it is this: If you go to the beach, take your rubbish home with you. If you don’t have any rubbish, pick up at least one piece of someone else’s rubbish. You will feel better about yourself knowing that you are giving back to the ocean and fulfilling your resposnibility to look after the environment.

Click through below to view the trailer for Dave Rastovich’s new flick Minds in the Water. This guy deserves recognition for doing what he does.


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Until next time, Adios!


sand n beach

Home sweet home.


IMG_20121120_202552Rare, uncrowded afternoon at Coogee beach.


26 thoughts on “Our Responsibility as Human Beings

  1. Amen…. On my hiking trips, I bring bags, because in the middle of nowhere there’s trash. I do beach clean-up as well, and I always wonder…why don’t people just bring a bag with them when they walk? Help out a bit? I was raised in the South Pacific, so I am equally bonded with the ocean…. Good for you for speaking up!


      1. It most certainly makes a difference. 🙂 Growing up in that pristine area, and moving to the States… Respect towards the Natural World is growing, but must continue.


  2. Sadly, you are dealing with human nature but if this post changes the attitude of just one person for the better it was worthwhile 🙂
    P.S. Welcome to the blog Mo-Ments or Idle Thoughts – and I hope the Bondi waves are good. I was a member of the first ever overseas surf lifesaving team to come to Australia for a surf carnival and our coach was Harry Nightingale a Bondi man who moved to Ceylon as it was then.


    1. Hi Ian. Bondi is still an amazing place to be. The only changes over the last little while are the crowds and the rebuilding of the surfclub at the northern end. I’ll post some photos soon.


      1. Harry was full of praise for the quality of the surf off the point (no doubt when conditions were right!)


      2. Only the other day I saw an areal shot of the whole bay on some TV channel and the waves looked to be coming in beautifully!


  3. Great post! I could not agree with you more! I love mother earth and this planet is amazing. We as human beings have a responsibility to take care of the one planet we have and call home. Thanks for this post and I hope it causes people to think if they do not already think this way.


  4. You have stolen the words right out of my head! Just the other day I was waiting at the boat ramp for the trailer. I saw a turtle swimming eagerly towards something blue. Given they like jellyfish I assumed that is what it was. I quickly realised it was a blue plastic bag. I took action and retrieved it before the turtle got to it. I cringe at the thought of what would happen if I hadn’t seen this. My friend who visits me most of the times we are at the boat ramp probably thought I stole its food. At least I know I saved its life… This time.


    1. Hi. My favourite animal is the Loggerhead turtle so I am very happy to hear your story. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and hope this message reaches others also…thanks for the reblog


  5. Very well said, we all have a huge responsibility to protect the oceans. Everyone should be aware. Nothing makes me sadder than seeing a bird starving because it has plastic around it’s beak or an animal covered in grime/oil/rubbish. It’s completely avoidable.


  6. In Vermont, they have an annual “Green Up Day” on the first Saturday in May. People volunteer to pick up trash along roads, riverbanks, wetlands, lakes and hiking trails. It is a great community event. While I have not participated in the “official” Green Up Day in May (I am usually working on my gardens for new growing season), I have done the “unofficial” Green Up thing throughout the year, when taking walks along streets, roads and hiking trails. Great post! And, thanks for the “follow”!


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