Farewell Summer


Well, summer in Australia is officially over. Luckily for me, our climate doesn’t really change all that much year round. The first two weeks of Autumn have so far produced sunny days with an average temperature of around 28 degrees celsius, or 82.4 farenheit as Google leads me to believe.

The water temperature is still sitting around the 23 degree mark and, well life really isn’t that bad. I have still been getting up early for my morning ritual swim and I try to stay long enough to take photos of the sunrise, but with the days growing shorter the risk of being late for work has meant that I have missed a few. The sunrises this time of year are hands down the best!

IMG_20130213_072747Coogee sunwalker.


IMG_20130312_080023It was brief, but it was good!


I thought I’d post a few photos that I have taken over the last week. I am making the most of the last of the warmer weather while it is still here, resulting in me being lazy on the blogging front. Never fear though, Winter is on its way and I will have plenty of spare time on my hands to sit in front of my Mac and fill these pages.

20130309_153017The view from the Scarborough Hotel #world’sbestbeergarden


20130304_141237Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Street Station


20130307_173758Sydney’s newest addition for the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras: this is what $100K of coloured paint looks like!


20130213_063835Bright light on the horizon – look closely and you will see it.


2 thoughts on “Farewell Summer

  1. Amazing photographs! I especially LOVE the first one! We are just starting our Spring here, Summer will soon follow. I love reading blogs around the world and yours is one that I am going to enjoy following! Have a great day!


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