Four Weeks and Counting


The last 12 months, and what seemed like all the time in the world, has past me by in an instant. Despite this, I am ready. I am getting married.

I have spent the vast majority of my life up until this point knowing with full confidence that I would not find myself in this position. After seeing my parents fail, I decided early on that marriage was not for me. I remember thinking that there was not a single person in this world that I could spend the rest of my life with. That was until I found the one person who I realised I could not live without. There it is. The difference in perspective that changed my mind and my life forever.

So, here we are, one month out, finalising a few last-minute details. And me, the eternal sceptic, looking forward to this day more than I have looked forward to any other.

Not only am I looking forward to having all of our loved ones in the one place to celebrate with us, but I am looking forward to our extended honeymoon where I can get back to one of my other true loves: travel writing. The thought of being back on the road, with my new wife (saying that is going to take some getting used to!) and nothing but a laptop, my camera and a good book is something I have been longing for, for the last few years.

Before the wedding however is the true test of survival: the stag weekend. I’ll keep you posted.


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