Hit me: Things to eat, places to see

I have no trouble admitting to my faults. I am an over excited child when it comes to the prospect and thoughts of travel. Ask me about the potential imminent collapse of the world’s financial markets and I am likely to shrug my shoulders and offer a token point of view. Tell me you are planning a trip to Europe, India, Asia, or anywhere for that matter and I will fall over myself with excitement. My speech quickens and the words spill from my mouth without any pre-thought (for those who know me, you will agree that this out of character).

Do Accountants feel like this at the end of the financial year when they get to do everyone’s taxation paperwork?

It’s July and luckily for me, I only have a couple of months of work remaining for the balance of the year. Between my upcoming trips to Sumatra, Indonesia and South America just after that, there isn’t much time left for the mundane tasks of working 9-5 and paying rent. The world is calling, my backpack has been dusted off and my bank account is looking healthy. All the stars have aligned!

Our time of late has been jammed packed with travel planning, adjusting our budget and learning to get the most out of our new DSLR- which is no easy feat, let me tell you!

I am a massive believer in listening to others in an effort to get the most out of your travels. I am always the first to offer up advice and tips to friends when I hear they are travelling to a place I have been before. In saying this, I want your tips and advice on must-see places in South America. I want to hear about everything we need to see, eat and experience on our trip. We are covering a lot of ground and will be spending six months traveling the length of the continent from Patagonia to Colombia and then onto Cuba and Mexico, so any advice is welcome. Hit me!

Safe travels – Louie.

The Galapagos Islands is at the top of our list: Galapagos seals.
The Galapagos Islands is at the top of our list: Galapagos seals. Photo credit: http://www.galapogoslegend.com Cover photo credit: http://www.kerdowney.com

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8 thoughts on “Hit me: Things to eat, places to see

  1. If you do go to Cusco, head to Ciccolino as a treat for breakfast/lunch or dinner and to green point for a vegan cheap lunch deal. Catacombs in Lima. Brazil-Rio de janeiro of course, paraty, iguazu falls and eat every baked good on offer. Maybe browse my blog posts although they are poorly written whilst on the road!

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    1. Thanks for the tips! We’ve got a couple of weeks to go so you’re timing is great, thanks!I love baked goods so I’ll be taking your advice for sure on that one…I’ll check out more of your posts before we go!


  2. Ps we did red planet tours and paid extra for English speaking guide on the salt flats in Bolivia. The longer tour is well worth it as you get to cruise more of the national park and take amazing photos.

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      1. Ahh another great thing we bought with us was a power bank, a multi USB plug, small hard drive to back up photos and If you have a decent android phone you can easily back your photos on to it or onto your skydive/onedrive etc when you get decent wifi. Oh and of course learning a bit of Spanish will be handy…. 😆


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