Amsterdam: Here we go again

Well here I am again. My bag, full of camera gear and warm clothes, slung across my shoulders. This time around, I’m standing in the arrivals hall at Amsterdam airport looking for my Dutch friend, who by all accounts shouldn’t be difficult to find thanks to his height and enthusiasm for life in general. The decision to fly to the other side of the world was a last-minute one and after 26 hours in transit, it is feeling like a decision well made! Sure it’s only for a couple of weeks but an opportunity presented itself and low and behold…here I am.

With my 9-5 in mind, I almost passed up on the chance to come to Europe but sense, and some good advice from my wife, saw me booking tickets and embarking on a very unplanned couple of weeks. In the past, I’ve always encouraged others to grab opportunities that present themselves but as with most things in life, it is different when the situation is staring you in the face personally.

I must say though, the feeling of travelling again and living out of a bag has reinvigorated my passion to write, take photos and spend some time to watch the world pass me by.

Before I flew out from Sydney yesterday, I went for a swim at my local beach and lay in the 30-degree sun to dry off. As I lay on the warm sand, I made a conscious decision to make the most of the opportunity and the possibilities that lay ahead of me.

With that in mind, let’s do this Amsterdam!

The beauty of Amsterdam’s canals in winter.


The Number 2 tram to Amsterdam Centraal.



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