Travel was the worst thing that ever happened to me…said no one ever.

It is easy to sit idle and find excuses not to do something. Most of us tell ourselves (and anyone who is willing to listen) that we’d give anything to travel, to break up the grind of normal life but there is something in our DNA that forces our brain to think that the best option is to often stay home or in a place that is comfortable. If you think about it, it won’t take long to come up with a time when you’ve said no to doing something that you probably should have done. Whether it was travel, taking up a friend on a business idea or taking the plunge and asking that person you’ve had your eye on for the last year or so out for a drink.

The reality is thought that more often than not, taking the plunge and going outside of that safe and comfortable zone pays off. Sure, there are times when it doesn’t (particularly when it comes to your love interests) but I don’t hear many people complaining that making the choice to travel was the worst thing they ever did.

Recently, an old friend asked if I wanted to join him and a small group on a long weekend out in the Turon Nation Park. Being a warm weathered soul by nature, my initial thoughts were hesitation at committing to what would likely be a frosty few nights out in the wild. This hesitation only lasted a few moments, but true to my DNA, my first reaction was to hesitate over going outside what was familiar, what was comfortable and this case, what was warm.


Of course, the few days spent out of the city was rejuvenating for the soul. I was reminded that life doesn’t centre around my favourite cafe or watching the football on TV. Yes, it was cold (so cold in fact that the condensation from my breath would freeze across my sleeping bag as I slept) but there is nothing like getting away from the grind of normality to renew your perspective on life.

So here is the challenge, and possibly the whole point of this rambling… next time you’re faced with an opportunity to step outside and do something out of the ordinary don’t wrack your brain for excuses not to do it…just reply with a simple ‘Yes’…and then back yourself in knowing that you’ve made the right decision.

The few days we spent in Turon National Park was incredible. There were fires and food to keep us warm and cold swims to remind us what our winter jackets were for. The national park itself is picturesque with a river winding its way through the valley. I imagine that in the warmer months, the park would be full of people but I’ll remember it as a quiet place where I could sit back and take stock of life and be reminded of all the good things in it.


With the cold weather, it made sense to set up close to the fire for some long exposure experimentation.
Crossing rivers in the 4×4 never got old!




After a few beers, we decided to get a little creative with the photos.
Fire ghosts of Turon NP.




4 thoughts on “Travel was the worst thing that ever happened to me…said no one ever.

  1. I work full-time in NY but travel enough that I spend more than a tenth of the year in hotels. My entire life I’ve been trying to get people to travel somewhere with me but have never been successful. I have tried to persuade friends by showing photos from interesting places and writing descriptions but unfortunately, the people who actually like to travel are rare, and the majority is content to do nothing, conform, and blend in to their bland familiar surroundings.

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    1. Hi roncogan. It’s true that people who enjoy travel are few and far between. I think we are blessed here in Australia in that the general feeling is that we are all obliged to take a year or two off from our work or studies to travel. It is becoming an expected part of our norm and something that corporations are accepting also…which is great! Still though, I’ve got friends who are just as happy to sit on the couch and watch Netflix for a week as opposed to going somewhere new. Thanks for dropping by 🙂


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