Travel Diary: Patagonia

If you could choose one destination to travel back to before you die, where would it be? I’ve been asked this question a few times over the years and it’s one that I think about when I should be doing more useful things…like working!

For me, the answer is more often than not Patagonia, the narrow tract of land that runs down to the very southern tip of the South American continent. Patagonia is where my love for mountains began. I forged a relationship with its volatile landscape. Finding myself one minute staring in awe at its natural beauty, only to be soaked by rain and thrashed by driving winds the next. At the time, it was a love – hate relationship. But like all things, the mind has a way of allowing you to forget the difficult times while the happy memories constantly flood to the forefront.


Finding yourself in open spaces can be confronting for some people. Walking for days on end with nothing to distract you has a way of making you deal head on with your own thoughts. Patagonia’s national parks are some of the most picturesque in the world. I struggle with the thought that despite my best efforts, my attempts to capture the beauty of this part of the world have failed. Trying to achieve this is a part of what drives me to return.



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