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For me, food is the backbone of my family life, the relationship I have with my friends and what I think about from the moment I wake up until the moment I fall asleep. While I love the finer food in life, it isn’t all about polished cuttlery and fine dining for me. Whether it be Asian street-food, simple tacos in Mexico or home-made, food seems to taste better when it is eaten with the hands!

While always present, my love of food blossomed during my time living in San Sebastian in the Basque Country. It was here that my looking at food as a way of life rather than an interest came into being.

My love of food is coupled with a healthy lifestyle that is driven by my love of the outdoors and in particular the ocean. Healthy living is all about balance in diet, mind and soul.

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The Refined Art of Traveling & Eating Well

Eveleigh Markets: An Organic Produce Mecca

6Eveleigh Markets, Sydney.

20140712_150653Home-made wontons!

IMG_20140101_133928Hanoi, Vietnam: Spring rolls.

3Street tacos in Tulum, Mexico.

IMG_20140104_150002Pork skewers in Vietnam.

txuleta at nestorsTxuleta (Chuleta) in the Basque Country!

131.80b21f8d986dc3db2a381aaed598ec893Mamak, Sydney: There isn’t anything quite as exciting as a flaming wok!

food on boardHome-made pizza beats anything Dominos has ever produced.

20130428_163505Fresh is always best. If your grandparents don’t know what it is, don’t eat it!



3 thoughts on “:: All things food ::

  1. Beautiful photos – i share your passions 🙂 – living in the moment is tough agreed – takes practice and conscious effort ! thanks for stopping by my blog!


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