Farewell Summer

Well, summer in Australia is officially over. Luckily for me, our climate doesn’t really change all that much year round. The first two weeks of Autumn have so far produced sunny days with an average temperature of around 28 degrees celsius, or 82.4 farenheit as Google leads me to believe. The water temperature is still … More Farewell Summer

Eastern Photos

I bought myself a new phone a few weeks ago. I resisted the three week wait for the new iphone and instead went for the Samsung Galaxy s3. I’ve never really been into gadgets or technology all that much but when discovered the camera on this phone, I haven’t been able to put it down. … More Eastern Photos


One of my greatest and brightest burning passions in life is coffee. To me, the ultimate day begins with an early surf followed by a good hour or so sitting at a cafe, reading the newspaper (the actual newspaper, not my ipad) and enjoying a coffee or two. For a while now my cafe of … More Gusto