Cup Day down on the Harbour

Another Cup, another loss for me yesterday. I only bet one day a year and every year I am more often than not reminded that I am not a gambler and have no idea about horse racing.

After coming to terms with the loss of my hard-earned fiver, I settled in with the punters and enjoyed the afternoon off work with a few beers in the sun down by Sydney Harbour.

I was standing next to one guy who won a cool $4,000 on yesterday’s winner and word is one lucky punter in Bondi tab cheered his pick home to pocket close to a million dollars. The stress of watching the race with my house, savings and some on the line would have killed me!

The day after yesterday is now here and I again have nothing to show for the day except for a mild headache and a few photos from my afternoon down on the water. I didn’t get up this morning to watch the sun come up, partly because the weather didn’t come to the party but more because my head was a little foggy.

On a side note, I recently wrote a review on Rod Stewart’s new autobiography Rod. A great read if you are interested in Rock history. Also a few photos that will appeal to the female fans.

Aaaaaannnnd some other news today, Obama is back in office for another 4 years- congrats big man.


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