The Stuffed Beaver

Last night we went out for my mate’s birthday. To celebrate Craig’s big day we dined at the Stuffed Beaver on Bondi road. Now, the name alone had me interested so I spent the afternoon telling anyone who would listen that I was off to The Stuffed Beaver for a feed.

Before I go any further I think I need to add a disclaimer here… If you are interested in eating at an establishment that offers side salads or caters for the health conscious, then The Stuffed Beaver is not for you. This Canadian themed burger joint is best suited to line the stomach at the beginning of a night out or to help you recover the next day.

It is easy to label The Stuffed Beaver as just another Yankee-doodle burger place but this is not the case. The small bar in the front serves up a series of cocktails, spicy bloody mary (with a dill pickle and pickled egg to boot) as well as imported and local beer while pumping out the tunes.

The starter menu has some Canadian favourites and a few twists on some American classics. We went for the Poutine (chips drenched in gravy and cheese curd), deep-fried dill pickles and the spicy buffalo wings. After washing these down with a few beers all was going well. I was full, but not too full and I was looking forward to the main event – the Burgenhausen: a pulled pork, sour cream and candied apple burger.


The John Candy Combo Burger (fried cheese, bacon and pickles) and the Sanchez (spiced beef, guacamole, sour cream and jalapeños) were also impressive but it was the Triple Bypass special that made me draw the line.

This place is not for everyone. If you know what you are in for before you arrive you will enjoy the chilled out vibe and the friendly staff. They show live Canadian and US sports and UFC, if that is your thing. My only tip: plan a run the next morning followed by a fruit salad and coconut water.

There are a few house rules when it comes to using the toilets…

The Triple Bypass special. It didn’t tempt me.


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