The Beach Burrito co.

burrito logo

Since 2006 The Beach Burrito co. has been serving up Mexican treats to the hungry residents of Bondi and the Eastern Suburbs. For many people, including myself, The Beach Burrito co. is the last stop on your way home from an afternoon of beers with friends on the “grassy knoll” overlooking the beach at North Bondi.

The menu features all the favourites from Tacos and Nachos to the fancier Lime Chilli Garlic Prawn Fajita and one of my favourites, the Grilled Fish Burrito. The speciality burritos are jam-packed full of meat, beans, rice and sour cream and each is covered in a specially matched sauce.


big man burrito

The Big fella loves a Grilled Fish Burrito…and a beer.


My pick and the one menu item I cannot pass up, The Green Chilli Roasted Pig Burrito, contains pulled pork, beans, rice and hot sauce. No one does hot sauce and hot food like the Mexicans. When I visited Mexico a couple of years ago, we ate watermelon coated in ground chilli for desert! While the sauce on the burritos is not as hot as can be found in Mexico, there are bottles of hot sauce on the table that can only be explained as rocket fuel. Personally, I am a sucker for hot food so I drench my burrito in the green Habanero goodness. With this in mind, the Beach Burrito co. stock a range of local and Mexican beers to cool down the pallet. The friendly staff can also easily whip up something stronger like the Margarita which is served either frozen or in its traditional form.


hotsauce wall burrito

Painted wall of spice.


On my last visit, I shared a bucket of Dos Equis (XX) beers with a mate. For me the novelty of beers in a bucket is very appealing. In exchange for $35 the bar tender hands over a bucket of ice with five of your favourite beers. You can either go for five Coronas or mix and match your beers. It is hard to go past a Corona on a summer evening, however I urge you to try some of Mexico’s other beers. Dos Equis or Pacifico in particular, which leave Corona in their dust…well that’s my opinion anyway.

The bustling and relaxed vibe of The Beach Burrito co. will have you coming back for more. You can get a meal and a couple of beers or a Margarita for around $30 and then cross back over the road for another swim at the famous Bondi Beach.


bucket burrito

Bucket of beer. One of the true loves in my life.


mary burrito

Even Mary enjoyed a Burrito back in the day.


scotty burrito

With meals like this, you won’t be leaving hungry!


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