A New Year, a New…


For the 29th time in my life I recently, with the rest of you, welcomed a in a new year. Firstly, I was happy we actually made it past the promised end of the world as predicted by the Mayans and secondly it is always nice to start a new year and leave the past behind to focus on the future. A new year often feels like a full stop to a sentence. What was said is now said and we will mark it with a point and then start on something new, a new thought, a new outlook on life.

For some there is the pressure to start a new year without smoking, for others the challenge of the new year is to see one’s family more often or to run, walk or struggle through a few kilometres of exercise a week. Two years ago I gave up takeaway junk food. Not only because of the nutritional factor but the morality behind these large companies making unhealthy products and marketing them to children. I can go on and on about the various reasons to justify my decision but that is for another time… For those who care, I am still going strong on my challenge of not eating this crap.

A few years ago I decided to join a gym as a part of my new year’s resolution. Two years I was forced to sign up for, two years! Needless to say I no longer go to the gym or contribute a healthy portion of my wage to a company that provide me in return with a hot room full of stinking steroid monkeys. Is it me or are there too many mirrors in a gym? I am all for exercise. I exchanged my gym membership for ocean swimming and beach runs. Much more relaxing and probably better for me in the long run.

Over Christmas someone asked me what my new year’s resolution for 2013 was. I was stumped and offered them some lame answer of writing more blog posts or ramping up my exercise regime. After a few days of thought I decided that I wasn’t going to just create a resolution for the fun of it, something that would only be applied over the next 12 months. Instead I decided that there were some changes in my life that I wanted to make permanently.

I think we could all do with being a little more patient. This for me was among the top of the list and is something I am still struggling to implement. I tell myself every morning that I need to make every day count. This is one I’ve heard before but really, how many people actually make the most of their bus ride to work or the time they sit at their desk? Living in a big city, I have gradually become accustomed to ignoring those around me. The sad reality is that if I was to start a conversation with someone on the train they would suddenly have to make a phone call or move seats all together. This for me is disturbingly sad and something I aim to rid the X74 from Coogee to the City of in 2013 and beyond!

New year’s resolutions are great. They are great for people who need an incentive to change their life for the better and the new year offers us all a point of reference where we can add a full stop to our lives and start a new sentence. Maybe this is the year that I will seriously think about writing something that someone will actually want to publish. Maybe this year will be the year that I begin talking to strangers on the bus. I don’t know. One thing is for certain though, this year I will turn 30 and I will sit back with a beer in hand and reflect on the first one-third of my life and take stock of what I have achieved and the friends I have made on my journey so far.



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