Northern Nomads


A few weeks ago I took a week off work, packed my boards into a motor home and took of up the east coast of Australia with some mates for a week in the wilderness. I spent five days getting back to the basics and doing nothing but eating simple food, sleeping under the stars and spending the days in the water. Unfortunately the surf wasn’t epic but the time away was good for me, gave me a renewed perspective on life and reminded me how lucky I am that trips like this are even a possibility.

While we were away we saw a host of wildlife. Goannas, possums, dingoes, dolphins and there was even a shark sighting. It probably wasn’t big enough to kill you but never the less, losing a leg wasn’t high on my to-do list so I promptly paddled to shore and waited a while before paddling back out.

IMGP1319The motor home and my swag. I wasn’t too keen on sleeping in a van with five grown men.


While I was away I came to the conclusion that other people can have their expensive health retreats and golfing holidays. There is nothing more relaxing than being somewhere quiet, with a decent beach and eating simple food. It resets the body, revitalises the mind and reminds you how lucky you are to live in a unique country with so much natural beauty.

IMGP1306Little possum hitching a ride on mum.


20130906_160652Little Joey hitching a ride in  mum’s pouch.


DCIM100GOPROMy mate Salmon.


IMGP1284Still: Morning light on the lake.


IMGP1289A Goanna hanging around the wetsuits.


IMGP1311Blueys Beach: Summer is on its way!


IMGP1305Playing with fire!


DCIM100GOPROAnother one of the boys on a nice little left.


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