Here’s to now: Travel from a different perspective

Humans venture away from all that is familiar for various reasons. For some, staying in one place for too long brings feelings of uncomfortable stagnation, while others have a thirst for adventure and to push their limits. Perhaps the reason that makes most sense to me is the one concerned with not only realising a deeper … More Here’s to now: Travel from a different perspective

Photo Essay: Chile

The excitement of waking up everyday in a foreign country ended three weeks ago to the day. We have moved back into our apartment, we are back at work and we have caught up with almost everyone we hold near and dear. The reality of being home is finally beginning to sink in! In an … More Photo Essay: Chile

Short Story #1: Pooie-Louie & Comedy on the High Seas

Since finishing high school some 13 years ago, I have spent just under half of that time traveling. In the beginning, being somewhat younger and more naive, I did not truly understand how lucky I was to have the opportunity to see different parts of the world, experience new cultures and eat new and delicious … More Short Story #1: Pooie-Louie & Comedy on the High Seas

Daring to Dream

Over the years, my bucket list has taken on different forms with the order changing and certain items dropping off, only to be replaced by something new to reflect my changing priorities and needs in life. While my bucket list has been somewhat fluid over the years, there are those certain ticket items that have not changed. For me, … More Daring to Dream

Northern Nomads

A few weeks ago I took a week off work, packed my boards into a motor home and took of up the east coast of Australia with some mates for a week in the wilderness. I spent five days getting back to the basics and doing nothing but eating simple food, sleeping under the stars … More Northern Nomads