The Week in Photos

Weather wise, it has been a mixed bag in Sydney lately. We have had three straight weeks of rain, wind and storms, however the sun has come out to play these last couple of days. You can see the change in people’s faces and everyone seems to have an extra spring in their step. I am definitely a summer person. Nothing compares to barbecues on the beach, swimming all day long and drinking beers in the afternoon sun. These last couple of days has me thinking of our approaching summer. There is a smile on my face 🙂

Below are some photos I took over the last week or so. They are a bit of a mixed bag, just like the weather we’ve had here of late. Enjoy!

:: Louie ::

5Maroubra: Rubix cube lefts and rights.

6Coogee: Just after sunrise.

3Mid-North Coast of NSW: The boys, panoramic surf check.

2Maroubra: So lucky to have this only a few miles from the CBD.

7Maroubra: Early morning rain…again.

4Mid-North Coast solitude.



11 thoughts on “The Week in Photos

    1. Thanks. The light coming through the storm clouds makes for some interesting photos. The last photo is from a little place called Crescent Head on the Mid-North Coast for NSW. Such a beautiful place with great surf, lots of wildlife and not too many people.


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