A visual account of the week gone by

The last week has thrown up some great conditions. While the ocean has finally reached it cold, wintry potential, the days have been warmer and the sun has been shining. I almost found myself starting to like winter…almost. I’ve been experimenting with my camera settings of late and shooting in different modes. It has been … More A visual account of the week gone by


Spring in Colour

Sydney in the spring is my favourite time of year. The light stretches longer, the nights are still cool while the days are warming. It is a happy time. People are smiling, the smell of barbecued meat is in the air. Weather-wise, this week has been a rip-snorter. A ball-tearer. I’ve been hitting the beach … More Spring in Colour

The Week in Photos

Weather wise, it has been a mixed bag in Sydney lately. We have had three straight weeks of rain, wind and storms, however the sun has come out to play these last couple of days. You can see the change in people’s faces and everyone seems to have an extra spring in their step. I … More The Week in Photos