Another Week in Photos

It has been another busy week. I am now two weeks into my new job and there always seems to be something going on every other night. Being so busy is nice but sometimes I need some quiet time and some open space. Open space with no one around keeps my sanity in check. It is the mornings that provide my escape. There is no better start to the day than watching the sunrise in complete silence with no distractions.

IMG_20141107_070240Morning reflections.

IMG_20141101_173415The end of the road.

IMG_20141107_063216Morning oil painting. Not a drop out of place.

IMG_20141107_061737I found my own little cave out of sight from the world.

IMG_20141101_150028Paradise on my doorstep.


6 thoughts on “Another Week in Photos

  1. What a wonderful post.
    There truly is no better beginning to a day than to watch the sunrise and yes, being alone and with no distractions turns such a repetitive event into some form of therapy for me. Usually I make an extra effort to see the sunset but recently I’ve realised that from my bed I can see a magnificent sunrise over the hills, so now I get up in time to watch it while the rest of my household sleeps.
    You followed my blog ‘Great Perhaps’ and I thought I’d come across and look at your work. Great! I enjoyed it. šŸ™‚


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