New Angles: Seek and You Shall Find

I hate to start off with a disclaimer but I must reveal that this is another photography based post. So for those of you who do not like photos of nature at its very best, I suggest you click the close icon now…

For everyone else, I hope you enjoy my snaps from what was an amazing sunrise yesterday. After climbing out of bed bleary-eyed at 5am sharp, I found myself down at the beach 15 minutes later as the light began to creep across the water. I have taken photos down at this beach a thousand times before, so finding new angles to shoot from has become somewhat troublesome.

I decided to climb down the cliff that separates the beach from the rock pools and was rewarded with what was no doubt the best 40 minutes of my week so far.

Enjoy :: Louie ::

IMG_20141111_060226Here she comes…

IMG_20141111_070650A bunch or morning flowers.

IMG_20141111_065412A splash of colour to brighten the morning.

IMG_20141111_063802This little rock pool provided me with that new angle I was after.

Screenshot_2014-11-12-18-49-26-1Sun kissing the pools at Wylies Baths.

IMG_20141111_060841Horizon fireball.

Screenshot_2014-11-12-18-48-23-1Coogee’s crown drenched in morning light.




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