Capturing the last breath of summer

It has been a big month in the southern hemisphere as we farewell another summer, reluctantly acknowledge that the days are indeed getting shorter and begin to look at buying a new coat for the colder months ahead. In a bid to make the most of the remaining warmer weather, I’ve been hitting the beach early of a morning and getting away whenever possible on the weekends, soaking in all summer has left to offer.

As I look ahead to the winter and the rest of this year, I am filled with warmth and an anticipation of exciting times ahead. Planning is in full tilt and the reality of being on the open road and living out of a backpack again is becoming a reality. Of course I’ll be taking you all with me, so stay tuned.

Below are a few snaps from this last month. Enjoy!


Checking the surf and taking in the morning sun.
Coogee in all its morning beauty last week.
I’m lucky enough to live only a 2 minute drive from this hidden gem.
The local washing machine.
Swimmers following the light.
Things were looking pretty good up the coast this month. Warm water and a few waves.
Looking at the back of a wave while playing around with my GoPro.

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