So… New Zealand was fun!

We recently returned from a two week driving holiday of New Zealand’s south island. I was blessed to be offered a free camper van from Apollo Campers NZ, so it was a no brainer to find the time to get over to the land of the long white cloud for a visit. For some reason, … More So… New Zealand was fun!


Here’s to now: Travel from a different perspective

Humans venture away from all that is familiar for various reasons. For some, staying in one place for too long brings feelings of uncomfortable stagnation, while others have a thirst for adventure and to push their limits. Perhaps the reason that makes most sense to me is the one concerned with not only realising a deeper … More Here’s to now: Travel from a different perspective

Northern Wandering

After spending too long in the big city, I found myself craving open sky, uncrowded ocean and space to move. Forcing myself into such an environment inspires me to write and to look at the world from a different angle. Stripping away the comforts of the city and immersing myself into nature and the natural world … More Northern Wandering