Escaping Winter’s Shackles

22-10-2014 11-04-33 AM

There is nothing quite like the feeling of anticipation that comes with planning a trip. By our standards, the winter here in the south has felt long this time around. It has been wet, windy and cold. For months, my friends and I have squeezed into our wetsuits and battled the dash across the numbingly cold sand only to quip and reflect on distant memories of surfing in board shorts.

Much of the winter was spent crowding around small tables in pubs watching football and plotting our next escape. Not surprisingly, everyone spat out suggestions involving warm water, cold beers and a tropical climate. With the weather once again warming, the memories of the biting cold are still fresh enough to encourage banter of escaping the grasp of the cold next year. As expected, the likely destination of choice is Indonesia.

If the feeling of anticipation is high when planning a local road trip, it is off the Richter when planning a trip to Indo. The feeling of being surfed out, cheap beers, warm water and friendly locals is the stuff dreams are made of, for surfers anyway. Riding a motorbike around a desolate island in search of uncrowded, perfect waves is an adventure in its own right and one that you want to live for the rest of your days.

The true beauty of the Indonesian archipelago becomes apparent when you drag yourself away from the circus that is Bali and explore beyond the well worn tourist tracks. Once away from the big lights and bustling holiday crowds, the sky opens up to present stars that seem closer than they do at home. The stillness of the evening air fittingly arrives as the soothing sound of the Imam’s call to pray rings out from the land across the water. It is moments like these that the cold of home, the heavy jackets, the closed in shoes and the wintry weather feels like it is a million miles away. Bring on next winter’s escape!

22-10-2014 11-20-06 AMEmpty waves and warm water.

22-10-2014 11-19-51 AMSimplicity at its very best!

22-10-2014 11-12-22 AMEnjoying the easy life and slowing it down.

22-10-2014 11-10-17 AMCheningan cliff jump.

22-10-2014 11-21-31 AMUnknown setting up with it all ahead of him.

22-10-2014 11-20-27 AMPicture perfect.

22-10-2014 11-11-51 AMWinding down after a big day in paradise.


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