Spring in Colour


Sydney in the spring is my favourite time of year. The light stretches longer, the nights are still cool while the days are warming. It is a happy time. People are smiling, the smell of barbecued meat is in the air. Weather-wise, this week has been a rip-snorter. A ball-tearer. I’ve been hitting the beach with the enthusiasm of a rat up a drain pipe…(for international readers, I apologise for the colloquial language). Hope you enjoy these pics from my week. May they warm the heart and inspire you to find some time in the sun.


Early morning serenity.


Nice colours bouncing off the rocks.


New angle.


Coogee rock pool.



4 thoughts on “Spring in Colour

  1. Beautiful photos! I cannot help but feel a little jealous as here in the midwest we had a bit of snow tonight, Halloween night! I am not looking forward to a long & cold winter. However I look forward to your post about summer, to give me a smile of cheer while I am freezing 🙂


    1. Thanks and happy halloween! I will be sure to post sunny beach photos as often as possible just to remind you that it is shining somewhere in the world. Winter has many of its own beautiful moments. I hope you enjoy them and manage to make the most of what the season has to offer.

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