Lost with Louie

Above all else in this world, my one true love is travel. It has shaped who I am, it has given me an appreciation for how lucky I am to be able to pack a bag and go off on an adventure. Travel doesn’t always have to be about jumping on a plane and flying to an exotic overseas location. It can be as simple as driving up the coast and escaping the big smoke and bright lights of the city for some solitude and peace to reset and recharge.

Nothing in this world comes close to the feeling of wandering, whether it be wandering with purpose of just being lost in the right direction.

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Sri Lanka.
King penguins in the Beagle Channel, Ushuaia (Argentina)
Tulum, Mexico.
Atacama Dessert, Chile.
Hoi An, Vietnam.
Laguna Verde, Bolivia.
Santorini, Greece

6 thoughts on “Lost with Louie

    1. Why thank you very much! I will be sure to let you know. I’d like to get to North America towards the end of this year to visit a few friends…here’s hoping!

      If you are ever in Sydney, let me know. I’ll put you onto some great hidden gems.

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